Tillamook County is much more than the land of cheese. Oh yes. Officially it’s known as the “Land of Cheese, Trees, and Ocean Breeze.”

The 2010 U.S. census did not measure the number of cows in Tillamook County (which we think is a shame), but if it had, it would have found they outnumber the people here. So in addition to driving by pastoral dairy farms (and of course, sampling cheese at the Tillamook Cheese Factory!), here are a few other reasons to explore Tillamook on your travels to see the 363 miles of the breathtaking Oregon Coast.

Perched atop Oregon’s coastal cliffs is the Cape Meares Lighthouse and a Sitka spruce tree that looks like an octopus straight from the Pacific Ocean. Tillamook County also includes a large chunk of the Tillamook State Forest, stretching through the area as a veritable rainforest of Douglas Firs, which you can explore from the Tillamook Forest Center.

Beyond the cheese, trees, and ocean breeze, Tillamook County is a playground for, well, anyone who likes to play. We’ve got whale watching at Cape Lookout and dune climbing at Cape Kiwanda, an impressive collection of 30 War Birds at the Tillamook Air Museum, and the state’s largest colony of puffins! Not to mention fishing and crabbing and clamming galore, fine dining, breweries, tasty seafood shacks, and scenic hiking, camping, surfing, biking, kayaking, and [insert whatever activity you like to do here].

Have a look-see. There’s an adventure waiting for you.

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Photo credits: Foodness Gracious (top) and Farmgirl Gourmet (left)