Thank You - From Our Farmer Families to Our Family of Fans

December 22, 2017

As 2017 comes to an end, we can’t help but reflect on this incredible year and be thankful for all of our passionate fans. From sharing ice cream cones with your pups, to visiting us in Oregon for a taste (ha!) of farm life, to waking up at 4am to support the future of farming, you’ve shown us love in amazing ways this year.

We wanted to share a few of our favorite moments from 2017 when you, our family of fans, have gone above and beyond to show your dedication for dairy done right.

That was quick! Let’s slow down and take a closer look at these awesome moments.

You Celebrated With Ice Cream

A few of you chose to swap birthday cakes for birthday cones. For instance, one of our fans recently moved to Charlotte, NC and missed finding our ice cream in grocery stores. To celebrate her birthday with her favorite treat, we sent a delivery of Tillamook Ice Cream east. And in addition to blowing out candles on a scoop of ice cream, longtime super-fan, @Mrs_Shamp, handed out Tillamoos for Halloween and even announced the birth of her first child with a baby loaf Instagram post.

You Declared Your Love In Ink

For a few of our you, a post wasn’t enough to show your undying devotion. Scot Mortimer loved us so much, he got a Tillamook tattoo!

You Fed Delicious Dairy To The Whole Family

When you find something great, share it with the ones you love. Especially the pets and kids. Looks like Taffy the Corgi brought back a souvenir from his first trip to Tillamook.

You Got A Taste Of Farm Life

Tillamook isn’t just our name, it’s our home. This year, about 925,000 of you checked out our Visitor’s Center in Tillamook County, OR to find out more about life on the farm. And sample our delicious cheese and ice cream, of course. If you haven’t already dropped by, check out our new Visitor Center opening Summer 2018! More information here!

You Cheered On Coltan And His Cow At The County Fair

When Coltan Seals, a 7th grader from one of our farmer families, isn't playing baseball or helping around the farm, he spends his summer teaching his cow to lead on a halter before showing them at the Tillamook County Fair. Your words of support helped him go on to win the blue ribbon!

You Rose Up To The #ScoopStackChallenge

This summer, you took on the challenge of stacking the highest ice cream cone in the hopes of winning 56 cartons of Tillamook Ice Cream. We saw a lot of creative attempts as you collectively scooped 544 ½ scoops, but the winner was @jenseng21 and his 38-scoop cone!

You Set Your Alarms For 4AM To Support Future Farmers

In November, 638 of you woke up when our farmers do to share a post of what 4am looks like in your house. For every fantastic early morning coffee pic and bed head selfie, we donated $100 to the Tillamook FFA Chapter on your behalf. In the end, you raised $50,000 dollars to provide them with tools they need to explore the agricultural field. Find out more about the FFA and the 4amClub here.

Wow! We can’t believe that all of these unforgettable moments happened in 2017. Thank you for being such incredible fans and showing your passion for Tillamook all year long. We’ve felt the love through everything you’ve tweeted, emailed, posted, shared and reshared, toured, and #scoopstacked. Here’s to another year of enjoying dairy done right together.

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