As a farmer-owned co-op, our owners are the nearly 100 farmer families that make up the Tillamook County Creamery Association. Many of these families have been farming in Tillamook County for multiple generations. And it really is a family affair. In many farmer families, each member of the family is involved in life on the farm, including the kids, who often help with daily chores like feeding the calves.

Dairy farming is more than a job, it’s a way of life. A farmer's day isn't simply 9 to 5, it's all day, every day. Farmers get a jump-start on the day before the sun rises, waking between 2am and 4am for the first milking. Most cows are milked twice a day, every 12 hours, so this morning milking is repeated in the afternoon.

Throughout a single day, farmers may wear any number of different hats: veterinarians, animal nutritionists, engineers, mechanics, business managers, and more. We like to think of our farmer-owners as Jacks and Jills-of-all-trades. This dedication and hard work goes towards a single focused goal: producing the highest quality milk to be used in Tillamook dairy products.

Our farmer-owners have a deep-rooted pride in the quality of Tillamook products. We think this is the advantage of being a farmer-owned cooperative. We are, and always have been, owned and operated by the people who work the soil, milk the cows, and make decisions about the future of the co-op. The values of our farmer-owners drive the way we operate our business. All profits from the cooperative stay in the Tillamook family, with our farmer-owners, who are invested in the co-op for the long run. This means the proceeds go to the people who are doing the work, to ensure that their farms continue producing the highest quality milk and to help sustain dairy farming in Tillamook for many generations to come. And we think that just makes sense.

It all starts with milk quality and pride in ownership. It all starts on the farm.