Premium Ice Cream

Ice cream made the right way means adding extra cream, not extra air. Then we mix in premium ingredients to bring you the tastiest ice cream you’ve ever sunk your spoon into.

Try A Tillamook Taste Test!

We make the best ice cream in your favorite flavors. Don’t believe us? Try us next to your current go-to ice cream brand and taste the difference for yourself.

Tillamook Mudslide

Our ode to chocolate lovers combines a rich fudge ripple and hunks of real fudge in creamy chocolate ice cream.

Oregon Strawberry

A delicious blend of real Oregon strawberries and extra creamy Oregon strawberry ice cream.

Old-Fashioned Vanilla

We’ve been making ice cream since 1947, so we know how to do vanilla right. Today, we keep it sweet, simple, and super creamy.

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Don’t Just Trust Us, Try Us.

We only put the best ingredients in our extra creamy ice cream. But don’t just take our word for it, try it for yourself.

More Cream + Less Air = More Scoops.

The other guys may pump their ice cream full of air, but that’s not how we do things at Tillamook. We use more cream, not more air, giving you more scoops to enjoy per carton.

Only Goodness Goes In

What's mixed in is just as important as the ice cream itself. We source premium fruit and nuts like Oregon berries and hazelnuts from partners who share our values. And because we know exactly where they come from, we proudly emblazon origins on our labels.

28 Ways to Scoop Up the Goodness

Creamier, iconic classics and new creations inspired by nostalgic treats, grab a spoon and meet our lickable lineup.

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